Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats in Waunakee, WI

Pets can’t stay in a bubble to avoid contagious viruses, but vaccinations can be almost as effective in keeping them protected in their daily lives. We offer a variety of vaccines for dogs and cats here at our animal hospital in Waunakee to suit the personal needs of every pet. Whether your companion is a social butterfly and frequent flyer or a homebody, we can tailor their vaccinations to their unique lifestyle.

Enjoy peace of mind while your pet enjoys maximum protection from harmful infections.

Why Should I Vaccinate My Pet?

There are several important reasons to keep your dog or cat vaccinated:

  • Vaccines give your pet personal protection against rabies and other, species-specific diseases (Lyme disease, feline leukemia, kennel cough, leptospirosis, etc.)
  • In addition to protecting your pet, cat and dog vaccines can also protect you and your fellow human family members*
  • Vaccines can reduce or prevent the spread of disease among pets and people throughout the greater community
  • With greater protection from disease, your pet can live a healthier and potentially longer life

*Certain diseases carried by pets can also be passed on to humans: Rabies and leptospirosis are just a few examples.

cat and dog vaccinations in waunakee wi

Our Vaccines for Dogs and Cats

Vaccines for dogs and cats are specific to each species. There are vaccines we recommend for all pets (core), and some vaccines we recommend based on your pet’s health background and lifestyle.

Below are the cat and dog vaccines we offer:

Protect Your Pet with a Tailored Vaccination Plan

At Aurora Veterinary Care, we see your pet as the unique individual they are. Their vaccine needs may differ from other pets, and we want to make sure they enjoy the fullest protection. To find out which vaccines your dog or cat will need, reach out to us today!