Veterinary Diagnostic Services in Waunakee, WI

When a physical exam is insufficient for us to fully evaluate your pet’s condition, our team at Aurora Veterinary Care in Waunakee can utilize one or more of our veterinary diagnostic services to fully understand your pet’s health and provide efficient, high-quality treatment best suited to their needs. We also want to keep you well informed about your pet’s care, so you can make the best treatment decisions on their behalf. We have an in-house diagnostic laboratory, ultrasound, and digital radiography equipment here at our hospital, so we can perform comprehensive exams and diagnose a wider range of conditions.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiographs (X-rays) can give us key information about your pet’s bones and joints, and it can also reveal conditions related to the heart and lungs. Our digital technology allows us to take X-rays quickly and safely, and more accurately diagnose conditions that can’t be seen with a physical exam or blood work.


We're extremely proud of our in-house ultrasound capabilities at Aurora Veterinary Care. Ultrasound can yield valuable information about the condition and function of your pet's abdominal organs and heart. It allows us to evaluate the shape, size, and texture of the organs, and detect abnormalities such as cysts, tumors, and fluid buildup in the abdomen.

Our team's skill with this technology allows us to perform comprehensive abdominal ultrasounds that provide clarity for pet parents without the need for a long wait at a referral facility. This results in more efficient treatment plans and options for our patients.


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Why Lab Testing Is Important

Lab testing enables us to diagnose or rule out any internal issues your pet might have. We perform a variety of testing to detect any possible underlying issues that our team should be aware of when creating a treatment plan for your pet.

Some of our recommended routine lab tests for pets include:

  • Wellness screen
  • Comprehensive senior pet screen
  • CBC and chem
  • Heartworm and tick-borne disease screening (dogs only)
  • Fecal testing
  • Urinalysis

Aurora Veterinary Care has the capability to perform a variety of tests in-house, particularly for patients with urgent medical needs. We also work regularly with an external laboratory for comprehensive, routine testing.