Our Story

A Letter to Our Community

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” 

- Mahatma Gandhi

We founded Aurora Veterinary Care in 2023 as a path for change. The past several years have brought about much change in the veterinary profession, including an increased number of pets needing care and the shift from family-owned practices to corporate-owned practices. We are excited to refocus on the great elements of the profession we love and infuse our passion into an awesome family-owned, neighborhood veterinary practice.

Our goal is to provide pets and their families with a connected, personalized approach to veterinary care. After spending over 15 years practicing in a large veterinary hospital setting, we are following our belief that high-quality veterinary care can come in a smaller, more intimate setting. We cherish the bonded relationship that forms between caregiver and patient and view the commitment in caring for pets as the greatest honor.

We are guided by the idea that veterinary hospitals should be less like a hospital and more like a home. From our floor to ceiling windows in our reception area, to the painted landscape mural in our comfort room to help families feel at ease, our hospital is built on the foundation that our patients and their families deserve the best.

The most important aspect of our hospital is the team we work alongside.  We believe that "we rise by lifting others."  Integrity, compassion, and humility are the pillars of our team - we ask this of ourselves and the families we serve.

We are proud and humbled to be part of this amazing profession and we look forward to being part of the fabric of the Waunakee community.

Please call or stop by to introduce yourself - we hope to meet you soon!


Alyssa Sig New
Beth Sig

Our Name

Aurora Veterinary Care is named after aurora borealis, commonly referred to as the northern lights. The word “aurora” is derived from the Roman goddess of dawn, who is said to welcome the coming of the sun every day. This practice represents a new dawn for us as veterinary professionals and we welcome the exciting change that it brings for us and the Waunakee community!


Our Purpose & Core Values

Our Purpose

To heal, support, and comfort pets and the people that love them.

This purpose drives everything that we do. From healing a dog by performing a needed surgery, to supporting a new kitten and its family to ensure a healthy start, to comforting families through end-of-life care - we strive to live our purpose every day.

Our Core Values

Practice Compassion

We practice compassion with ourselves, our patients, their families, and our team.

Build Lasting Connections

Connection cultivates trust, care, and the ability to make a difference. Lasting connections are a result of living our purpose.

Live with Integrity

Trust is an outcome of integrity, making it an integral part of our lives, our team, and our work.

Remain Humble

Humility allows us all to live and work more humanly. We do not think less of ourselves, we think of ourselves less.

Seek Balance

Our life is in our work. Our work is part of our life. We love them both and seek their balance.